Hey there, beautiful souls!

I'm Cheyenne, the proud owner of The Wholeness Shop. My mission is to create beadwork that merges artistic expression, natural healing elements, and the joy of self-discovery. Through my creations and teachings, I aim to ignite your inner light and guide you on a transformative journey of creativity and connection.

Although I discovered the world of beadwork a few years ago, my passion for needle crafting has been with me since I was a young child. During my journey, I have found solace, healing, and a creative avenue for self-expression through the art of beadwork.

Teaching beadwork is not just about sharing techniques; it's about empowering others to tap into their creativity, find inner balance, and embrace their unique essence. I believe that beadwork is a profound healer, offering a sacred space for self-reflection and deep thought. It allows us to drop into the flow state, engage our minds, and create something beautiful from within.

At The Wholeness Shop, I infuse love, intention, and positive energy into every piece I create. Each design is a celebration of the inherent beauty within each person and an invitation to manifest positive energy in their lives.

Join me on this transformative journey where style meets spirituality, where beadwork becomes a catalyst for personal growth and self-discovery. Let The Wholeness Shop be your sanctuary of creativity and connection, as together, we embrace the joy and healing that comes from engaging with this timeless art form.

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